CJAG Real Estate Academy is a learning platform created to help guide and provide mentorship to individuals who are eagerly willing to learn Financial Literacy, Real Estate investing concepts, skills and strategies to obtain wealth.

Meet the Founder & Lead Instructor

Clarence Jackson Founder & CEO

Founder Clarence Jackson is a Real Estate Developer who grew up facing a a lot of adversity. His Mother passed a way when he was Six years old on Christmas Day from a drug overdose. Due to an absence father Clarence moved around to many different family members care. Despite the adversity Clarence possessed the will to change the trajectory of where he came from. Clarence managed to graduate High School and then College with multiple degree’s in Sociology and Law. Clarence attended SUNY at Old Westbury in Long Island, New York and a few Junior colleges in California. After graduating college Clarence was able to obtain a job in Corporate America as a Superintendent at the Port of Oakland. Two years into what he thought would be his career job he was laid off due to the company going bankrupt. Faced with hardship and a child on the way, the only thing Clarence had to lean on was real estate property left behind to him and his family from his grandparents. That’s when his entrepreneurship journey began. He began doing research and dedicating his time to learning different methods and strategies to creating wealth utilizing the trillion Real Estate Market. Over the last few years Clarence has developed proven strategies and methods on creating generational wealth for him and others around him by using financial literacy and Real Estate Strategies. Clarence’s dedication and passion has always been to help other’s succeed especially those have faced similar circumstances. Clarence’s mission is to teach individuals how to create generational wealth and help break generational curses. He wants all who is willing to become financially free and not codependent on a 9 to 5.

“I tell people all the time I inherited properties, but there was no blueprint or strategies attached to teach me how to buy more properties, invest or create generational wealth. I wanted to know how to keep the cycle going and obtain more Real Estate. To be honest I will tell you something my first thought was to sell the properties I inherited to help buy me some time until I could fine another job. Though something told me there has to be more to owning and investing into real estate. So I dug deep and acquired information that has allowed me to create strategies and methods that have changed my life forever. I never have to work for anyone again.”

-Clarence Jackson

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